The pizzeria accomodates the clients in a warm and convivial atmosphere and seasons its pizzas not only with selected and first­rate raw materials, but also with a special ingredient that lends an exclusive and unique taste to each dish: a smile!


The Neapolitan pizza, characterized by a soft and thin dough with high edges known in Italy as “cornicione”, is the Neapolitan version of the round pizza. Whatsmore, it’s also interpreted as the Italian pizza par excellence all over the world.

From the 5th of February 2010 it has been officially recognized as a traditional speciality guaranteed by Europen Union.

  • Really a great pizza that is worth the wait (anyway, when I went, the place was full of people so it is normal). The employees were nice despite the frenzy. I’ll certainly go back soon.Tripadvisor / 7.2015
  • Excellent Neapolitan pizzeria. Considerable pizzas with high edges and a great choice of frieds. Lately, the place was renovated making it cozier and nicer.Tripadvisor / 7.2015


Situated nearby the metro stop Turro, the Trattoria Il Tegamino is a strengthened reference point for locals and tourists that want to taste typical dishes from the Neapolitan tradition.